1) It is easy to process and polish the forming cavity of the product to ensure the high quality of the product. This design changes the processing of deep grooves (6 deep. 1.2 wide to shallow grooves (0.6 deep), and the processing of blind grooves Processing of grooves.

(2) Dynamic and fixed mould-related inserts can be combined for processing, which improves production efficiency and ensures the accuracy of mould clamping.

(3) The template adopts a closed cavity design, which can ensure that the mould is used for a long time. The flashing phenomenon will not occur between the inserts and the product surface will be flashed.

(4) The high-precision inserts have good interchangeability, so that the mould will not be overhauled or scrapped due to the damage of the local cavity, which extends the life of the mould.

(5) The cavity is combined with inserts, so that the overall hardenability of the cavity is fully improved and the strength is improved.


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